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Floor Care Solutions – 3M Green Seal Certified Chemicals

August 19, 2018

3M offers total solutions for all your floor care needs

3M vigorously affirms its commitment to sustainable development through environmental protection, social commitment and economic progress. 3M innovation can help customers in today’s market, specific to the building industry, to achieve their sustainable goals whether they are for saving energy, reducing green house gas emissions, or purchasing products made of fewer solvents, 3M has a solution.

There’s a new awareness sweeping through business today. It’s the recognition that many people want more than just products that do as they promise; people are actively looking for products and services that have less impact on the environment. This isn’t just buying products this is a system approach involving a partnership between supplier and customer

3M has developed the following tools to help you reach your building management objectives

3M Product Guidance for LEED Certification. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is a nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. 3M’s product guidance for LEED certification details how 3M products address specific LEED requirements throughout a building.

Executive Order 13101 Greening the Government through Waste Prevention, Recycling and Federal Acquisition promotes the integration of environmental considerations into federal procurement. 3M’s Environmentally Preferable documentation Tool assists customers with creating defined and measurable criteria for meeting their environmentally preferable requirements, through alignment with Executive Order 13101.

3M S.M.A.R.T. Training Program

A comprehensive training and support program, 3M S.M.A.R.T. covers Service, Maintenance, Analysis, Resources and Training. Green Seal Certified Chemicals 3M Building and Commercial Services Division offers a selection of Green Seal Certified chemicals to help you achieve your goals for using environmentally preferable solutions.

3M revolutionized the floor maintenance industry by originating the first synthetic, non-woven floor pad. 3M today has a variety of choices for stripping, scrubbing, cleaning and burnishing floors coated with floor finishes. 3M invented floor pads in 1958 to help revolutionize floor care. We promise to deliver superior performance, greater durability, and longer useful life when compared to competitive floor pads, resulting in improved value and lower cost to the customer. Faster working, more effective, longer lasting floor pads (this value can only be attained by optimizing the use of the floor pads).

Considered the industry standard by cleaning professionals, our complete floor care line provides solutions from burnishing, buffing, cleaning, spray cleaning, scrubbing and stripping. 3M has launched a new range of Floor Stripping pads that can be used to strip the floors without the use of harsh stripping solutions.

Today, 3M Building and Commercial Services Division (B&CS Division) continues to be the leader in providing the floor maintenance industry with the solutions it needs, including the company’s range of Environmentally Preferable Solutions, which form part of 3M’s comprehensive system of innovative floor care products. Other 3M products designed for the floor maintenance industry are floor pads, sanding screens, the Doodlebug Cleaning System, Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop System, floor sweepers and the Twist & Fill Cleaning Chemical Management System.

Also, 3M Chemicals Management System has a full line of floor finishes and sealers to meet all your needs and manage your facility – whether it’s a wet look gloss for high-profile areas, or a tough, protective surface that can stand up over time. These finishes and sealers make floors durable and easy to maintain.

And they bring out the natural colors of your floors while providing outstanding gloss and clarity.

> Cost-effective choice for light cleaning-chemical for users who don’t need a Total chemical management system & Can be used to complement existing chemical management systems for heavier users with unique applications. Lets you choose concentrates or ready-to-use formulas in the amounts you need Green chemicals: Water based to meet green Standards 3M Nomad™ matting is an innovative and unique product. It is the perfect solution for trapping dirt and moisture in extreme traffic areas, like shopping centers, airports, hotels, banks and other commercial buildings where the entrance plays an important representative role. Nomad matting helps keeping the entrance clean and good looking to welcome the visitors. 3M Nomad & trade; matting superior quality resists extremely well heavy traffic including trolley, cart and forklift.

Additionally, it is designed to look good under any condition, whether it is heavily hit by sand storms or rain. 3M Nomad™ matting is available in an attractive selection of six colors to match your interior design, in different strengths and sizes to meet all your planning needs, from single mats to sophisticated combinations, including wall to- wall matting products.

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